5 Tips to Put Together a Family-Friendly Vacation Rental

5 Tips to Put Together a Family-Friendly Vacation Rental

Becoming a vacation host in Florida is an intelligent decision. The state saw a record 37.9 million visitors between January and March of 2023. The majority of people coming to Florida on vacation are families.

Vacationing families have unique requirements that they look for when booking a vacation rental. To maximize your short-term rental profits, make your property appeal to this category of vacationers. So, consider these tips for turning your investment into a family-friendly vacation rental.

1. Flexible Sleeping Accommodations

To make your short term rental more successful, add flexible sleeping options. This is perfect for appealing to a broader range of family sizes. Include bunk beds in one or more rooms to accommodate multiple children.

You could add Murphy or trundle beds that remain tucked away when unused. When needed, parents can pull them out and create more sleeping spots.

2. Beach-Ready Supplies

Include beach-ready supplies for families to immediately head out and have fun. Your beach kit should include chairs, towels, umbrellas, sand toys, outdoor games, and a cooler.

You can also include travel-sized containers of sunscreen and aloe. Tourists visiting Florida do not understand or forget the power of the Florida sun.

Even the sand reflects up to 25% of the sun's UV radiation. This can lead to nasty sunburns that can ruin a fun beach vacation. Including sunscreen and aloe samples are a nice touch that can save a guest's vacation.

3. Activities for All Ages

Remember that vacation guests will be of all ages for a successful, family-friendly short-term rental. Consider adding amenities that appeal to all ages, such as family games or outdoor activities.

You could also partner with local attractions. These could be add-ons for your rental that make vacation planning easy for guests and maximize your rental income.

4. Focus on Safety

If you want families to book your vacation home, it must be safe and welcoming. Make small changes or additions to your short-term rental to make it safer for families with small children.

For example, you could include gates that parents can set up to block off areas of the home, replace the window treatments with cordless options, and stock the kitchen with kid-friendly flatware, utensils, and drinkware.

Secure large furniture to the wall so that climbing small children can cause anything to tip forward onto them.

5. Make It Easy to Clean

Families with children will create messes; that is the nature of children having a great time. To make your vacation property family-friendly, make it easy to clean. For example, replace carpeting with tile or laminate.

Choose furniture with performance fabric that resists stains. Avoid marble and granite countertops that can stain easily if not properly cared for.

Create a Family-Friendly Vacation Rental

Turn your investment into the ultimate family-friendly vacation rental with these tips. Start by creating more flexible sleeping arrangements. Then, include extra family-focused amenities like kid-friendly eating utensils, activities, and beach supplies.

Look for ways to accommodate families in your vacation rental by renovating the home. The property managers at PMI C-Shell can help you look for unique ways to make your vacation rental more appealing to families.

Start booking more families in your vacation rental with the help of PMI C-Shell.