HOA Board Responsibilities

HOA Board Responsibilities

Roughly 45 percent of Florida homeowners are part of a homeowners association. According to South Florida Agent magazine, that's the highest in the nation. A homeowners association maintains the community and even raises property values.

The board overseeing your community is powerful and has several duties and responsibilities.

An HOA board of directors does many things, including selecting a property manager. HOA evictions also come under the HOA board of directors. Boards also handle finances and bylaws.

Here's more on the role of an HOA board in Pensacola, FL.

Property Management

One of the primary responsibilities of an HOA board is to select a property management company to oversee the community's day-to-day operations.

For example, the board appoints a property management team to collect dues. The latest research shows that monthly HOA dues are about $250 monthly. The board also sets the fees and what's included in the fee.

The property management company collects dues through bank withdrawals, apps, or traditional checks.

When homeowners fail to pay dues, the board could send them a warning letter or place a lien on their property. The board in Pensacola, FL, could also suspend community rights and privileges.


There are several reasons why HOA evictions could occur, including failure to pay dues or not following rules.

The eviction process is challenging. There are many steps that the HOA board must go through first before evictions take place.


The HOA board works with an annual budget, hiring vendors to take care of property maintenance. Vendors make the community run smoothly. For example, landscapers cut the grass and trim trees and bushes.

The HOA board works with the property management team to develop vendor contracts and to ensure compliance. When landscapers don't show up to the job site, the HOA takes care of the issue.

Board members might also raise the monthly dues based on rising expenses. It's also their job to ensure there's enough money in a reserve account for emergency expenses.


Bylaws are the rules and regulations set forth by the board. Homeowners must follow these rules.

The regulations run the gambit - everything from how many pets you can have to how many people can gather at your home for a party. Moreover, they set rules on parking, common areas, and even architectural controls.

And when people don't follow the rules, the board ensures compliance.

HOA boards meet on a set schedule, whether it's monthly or bimonthly.

HOA Board Responsibilities Including HOA Evictions

HOA board responsibilities include selecting a property management company, handling HOA evictions, and overseeing finances. The board also creates the bylaws for the community.

Hire a property management team to help your board achieve its goals. Our skilled professionals will provide leadership at the direction of your HOA board with dues collection and rules enforcement. Let us show you how professional property management in Pensacola, FL, will make your community a better place to live.