Duties of Community Association Manager

Duties of Community Association Manager

In 2021, there were 358,000 homeowner association neighborhoods in the US. This means that 74.2 million US residents live in HOA communities.

HOA communities are in places like Pensacola, Florida, because they perform various duties that keep the neighborhoods and communities in pristine condition and running smoothly.

Are you wondering what a community association management company does as part of its duties to the community? Read on to learn more about the responsibilities of a community association manager.

What Is Community Association Management?

A community management company is responsible for the management and day-to-day care of a community, like an HOA or condo association.

The association board hires the community manager to oversee and manage the community and its needs. Their role in the community includes:

  • Daily operations
  • Communication and support for the board
  • Communication with homeowners and vendors
  • Neighborhood meeting attendance
  • Budget preparation
  • Community business management

Community Association Management Tasks

Unless you're on a board of directors for an HOA, you may not realize all the responsibilities it takes to manage an HOA. This is why many HOA boards opt to hire community association managers.

Let's take a closer look at some of the duties they fulfill.

General Administration for Association

The manager will be tasked with handling all administrative tasks for the association. This might include answering questions from owners and the board to advertising and marketing for the HOA.

If the HOA has common areas like a pool or community center, the manager will oversee its care and staffing.

Common Area Maintenance

Many HOAs have common areas in their communities. This might include places like:

  • Playgrounds
  • Picnic areas
  • Walkways
  • Vestibules
  • Pool
  • Playground

An HOA is responsible for maintaining those common areas on behalf of the community. The association manager would be tasked with caring for the maintenance of these areas and hiring staff to handle their upkeep.

Managing Services for the Community

Most HOA communities have governing documents. The association manager will be responsible for abiding by and enforcing this document.

If an HOA member does not comply with the governing document, the manager must address and work to resolve the issue.

The community manager is responsible for writing vendor contracts after finding the best contractor for the work.

Community Communications

An association management company should handle all communications on behalf of the HOA. This includes contact with individuals, the whole community, and the board of directors.

If work is being done in the community, they must notify in advance to reduce any inconvenience for members. They will announce annual meetings and distribute direct communication from the community board.


The manager also has to handle all community financial maintenance. This will include sending bills for HOA dues and collecting them.

If a community member doesn't pay on time, then late fees and collection efforts are left to the association manager.

The community manager must create, distribute, and manage the annual budget on behalf of the HOA board.

Find the Best Community Association Management Company

Once you understand the many duties performed on behalf of an HOA board, you can see the value of hiring a community association management company.

If you live in Pensacola, Florida, and are part of an HOA community, we can help you manage your HOA. Contact us to discuss your community management needs.